About WebCrafters LLC

Owner/President of WebCrafters LLC :: Scott Olson

Our Business Journey

WebCrafters LLC launched way back in 2008. Those were the days when we coded each website, line by line, using various web-based languages (HTML, PHP, CSS, javascript, etc.). Eventually, we migrated to using a variety of open source content management systems. However, the development of the WordPress content management system has become so advanced and user friendly, we now implement it exclusively, using custom HTML, PHP, and CSS in order to custom design websites according to each client’s needs. WordPress gives our clients the ability to update the content of their website fairly easily so that they minimize the amount they would need to pay the website designer for future content updates. However, because we love our clients, we include 1 year of unlimited support with most of our website packages.

In the beginning, we started as a one man band of sorts, solely focused on web design. However, we’ve become a world class team of web designers, graphic designers, logo designers, SEO gurus, PPC/SMO specialists, motion graphics experts, and so much more. From the very beginning, our goal has been to glorify Jesus Christ through our business in our work ethic, how we treat our clients, how we manage what’s been entrusted to us, etc. And that goal continues to drive how we do business. That also means that business is not our highest priority. We actually make time to enjoy our spouses, families, and neighbors; we love our city and prioritize serving our city, especially the poor. Finally, Jesus is the singular motive as to why 25% of our profits are given away to further the missio Dei locally and globally.

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual journey can be summed up as: Deist → Agnostic → Christ Follower

I come from a churched but broken family marked by alcoholism, abuse, and divorce. In college I greatly struggled with depression as I searched for a God that I was uncertain existed. I wrestled with the weight of the guilt that I had been bearing because of my obvious and hidden sins, having broken God’s moral law. As I investigated the major world religions, I discovered many profound teachings; however, they did not address the core issue of my sin (words, actions, thoughts, motives, etc.) and were without hope for redemption. A friend named Hope told me God loved me and had demonstrated that love through Jesus Christ. Christ came to forgive me of my sins and save me from enduring the punishment of death that I deserved for my sins so that I could have eternal life in God’s kingdom rather than experience eternal death separated from God.

I met other followers of Jesus who met together nightly to pray and seek God asking Him to save others from their sins. While listening to them pray, I experienced the presence of the Lord by the Spirit of God; I was convicted (guilty/remorseful) of my sin and, yet, aware of Christ’s love and forgiveness. I turned from my old life of sin and started follow Jesus from a heart filled with love. I continued to meet with these Christ followers nightly in prayer as we daily committed ourselves to follow Jesus in loving obedience. Within a few months of trusting in Christ, while praying and seeking the Lord, the Spirit of God clearly called me into church planting ministry. Since then, I’ve been a part of planting 5 churches and serving 4 other churches in ministry while steadily growing in Christ-likeness/character over the last 22+ years.

Today, I am happily married to a wonderful wife of more than 21 years, have two handsome boys and a miniature long-haired daschund. We live in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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