Logo Design

Branding your business or non-profit usually starts with a unique, creative logo design that conveys the story and purpose behind your organization. We’ve partnered with two amazing designers at two different price points so that you can make a choice based upon your organization’s needs and budget. However, if your budget won’t allow for hiring one of our amazing logo designers, we still offer ourĀ entry level logo design package for only $250.


Step 1: Questionnaire

Our questionnaire facilitates the process of communicating your desires for design as well as the vision and purpose of your organization with the designer. It sets the stage for a great design process.


Step 2: Design

In the design stage (usually 2-4 weeks), the designer crafts several concepts in response to your expressed desires. Once you have received the, you give feedback to the designer about these concepts.


Step 3: Decision

After receiving your feedback, you work together with the designer to settle upon a final logo design concept. The designer then refines this concept and provides the finalized logo files to your organization.

Rich's Logo Packages

Rich Logo

$400 – $800

Michael's Logo Packages

Michael Logo

$600 – $1900

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