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First, take a moment to watch the Explainer Video overview (right). This will give you a feel for the visual flavor of each Explainer Video type.
Once you have identified your preferred type of Explainer Video, take a few minutes to explore the video slider below to learn more about that particular style.
You are 53X more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results if you have video on your website.

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Motion Explainer

The Motion Explainer engages your audience with high energy motion graphics, animated characters, and kinetic typography (text). It clearly communicates your vision through visual storytelling.

Talent Explainer

The Talent Explainer features animated graphics, characters, and text with a live actor, providing a personal connection to your audience. You may choose from a wide selection of male and female talents.

Whiteboard Explainer

The Whiteboard Explainer is a cost effective, high impact medium for communicating vision. It’s “RSA Animate” style excels in keeping your audience engaged during longer presentations.

Screen Explainer

The Screen Explainer uses video capture to drill in on your site or app walking the viewer through the application one step at a time. Screen shots can be supplemented with custom graphics and animation.

Template Explainer

The Template Explainer is our lowest priced video. You first purchase a quality template from among a sizable library. Then we customize the fonts, colors and add animations.

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