When a website isn’t receiving enough hits or they are not appearing high enough in the rankings, there are always critical SEO factors to consider before redesigning the website. After having addressed all the issues raised from your SWOT analysis and you have ensured that you have the best pricing model, you will need to consider the wider strategic areas and the technical areas you may be able to improve with your developers. Ask your design experts how the visual impact can be upgraded.

The Initial Questions
Your web design expert is going to ask how you communicate your values to your customers. They will need to know whether the way in which you are describing the customer’s problems and providing solutions can easily be found on your website after a simple and straightforward search.

By explaining how you work off-line and online, you will need to decide whether your audience is increasing or reducing and whether your niche market is of sufficient size for your future business.

Why are your competitors being found before you, through Internet searches? You should check your competition and find out why individuals will click on their search results are not yours. How does the opposition differentiate itself from your business and is their brand stronger in any way?

Technical Questions
Your developers will choose to investigate your HTTP or HTTPS is if you are receiving payments on your website. They will want to inspect your URLs and check the site speed as customers are quick to click elsewhere when your site is not responding quickly enough.

Have you considered the nationalities and languages used by individuals that may try to search your website? Even within the US, you may choose to add a Spanish localization to be able to bring you business from a different segment of the market.

These are amongst the most critical SEO factors to consider before redesigning the website. The design is critical so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for and be directed to purchase in a straightforward manner.

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