Local SEO plays a key component in driving websites for Colorado Springs businesses. As more and more people use mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets to search for local businesses, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to be able to capture customer’s attention. The working theories that drive web search engines are complex. Understanding them is key to bringing traffic to your website.

At WebCrafters, we consult with our clients about optimizing local SEO. Colorado Springs businesses can fine tune their web content in order to be listed at the top of search engine results. Utilizing the client’s expertise and choosing relevant keyword phrases are two of the key factors that enable us to effectively improve search engine rankings.

Claiming Local Listings

There are a couple of simple steps a company can take to boost their local Internet listings. To start, a local company can claim their business. Claiming your local business ensures that you can start managing your local business. This is how business owners identify that they are the ones who own their business and then attend to its presence. The process of verification usually involves a few simple steps. Owners verify the listing that is present and fill in any information that is missing. From this point, an organization’s online presence can be managed. A significant tip to remember is that a company will want to claim their presence on multiple search engines.

Category Listings

One aspect of search engines that many companies do not understand is categorization. Search engine categories display company listings when people search within a particular geographic area. Keywords, tags and Meta listings are the components that drive local SEO. The proper use these different elements sync blog posts, articles, bios and profiles to Internet traffic servers. Capturing relevant keywords people actually use to search the web will help push your business to the top of search engine results.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback and reviews have a significant impact on search engine results both locally and nationally. Those businesses with the highest rankings are receiving preference in search engine results. Our expert team helps local companies determine the best way to manage online reviews that can help drive their business to the top of these results.

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